Being a great Reality Editor takes the genius of a sculptor, the vision of a prophet, and the patience of a saint.  Tracy has these qualities in abundance, and is a true master of her craft.  To find a better storyteller, collaborator, and friend would be a daunting task.
 -Johnny Petillo, Executive Producer, Go4Johnny Entertainment, Los Angeles

From her much-valued work on many seasons of “Survivor,” Tracy Bacenas proved herself to be a master at bringing heart, humor, and clarity to reality storytelling. 
-Brian Barefoot, Supervising Editor, “Survivor”

Tracy brought creativity, hard work, and excellent judgment to our production. Getting 25 one-hour shows in two languages to air in under six months was a near to-impossible task – but Tracy did it. She writes. She directs. She produces. And most important of all: she leads by example. Tracy quite literally saved our ass. But that’s another story…

– Don Young, President, Those Canadians Media Group, Toronto/Ottawa

I’ve seen her transform reality into something more akin to magic.

– Robert Mathews, CEO, Longfellow Entertainment, Santa Monica

When faced with the daunting task of wading into 100+ hours of raw footage to find and shape a compelling story, there is no better collaborator than Tracy Bacenas.  She knows the way!
– James M. Smith, President, Rattle Attic Entertainment, Los Angeles

Sometimes we hate to admit it but Tracy and I have known each other for over 20 years.  My respect for her unique approach to getting the story and telling it has been constant and unwavering throughout those years.  Tracy’s passion for the craft and life in general is unparalleled.  Affinity loves her!

– Ron Gallant, President, Affinity Production Group, Ottawa

I’ve known and worked with Tracy for more than a decade. Her creative artistry and expansive story skills are peerless and bring a wonderfully unique vision to every endeavor. Tracy’s also an extremely talented editor whose passion for the invisible art is contagious. She is indefatigable in the pursuit of quality, generous, patient and kind. Tracy is an incomparable addition to any creative team.

– Jeff Becko, President, Altitude Entertainment, Los Angeles

One Comment on “Endorsements

  1. I have known and worked with Tracy Bacenas for over 15 year. I know her to be a natural leader, excellent producer and a master at the art of visual storytelling.
    -Roderick Donahue, President Archer Luna Productions


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