OUTPLAY Workshop reading list:

The following is a list of recommended articles, blogs, and publications about story, video, and web content.

  • Better User Experience with Storytelling – Parts 1 & 2 by Francisco Inchauste

  • A List Apart: A Case for Web Storytelling by Curt Cloninger

  • has a wealth of excellent information about video content for websites, including the following:

Why Online Video Is Vital For Your 2013 Content Marketing Objectives

These Tips Will Help You Take Your Content Marketing To The Next Level

The Only 6 Content Marketing Tips You Need for 2015

5 Things Your Video Marketing Strategy Should Include

  • Transmedia Storytelling 101 by Henry Jenkins

  • Storytelling and User Experience Are on a Collision Course: Four Steps for Marketers to Integrate Storytelling with User Design by Adam Kleinberg

  • Write a winning One-Page Pitch

  • A library chock full of “how to” information for video production

  • Podcasts about filmmaking

  • An interesting and wide-ranging collection of videos on creative process

  • Secrets to streamline your workflow

  • Video SEO


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